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A Definitive Guide to Bed Sizes & Duvet Sizes

Helping you with beds sizes & duvet sizes If you are lost in a minefield of bed sizes and duvet sizes and not sure which is right for you and the size of your bedroom then we are here to help you with impartial advice. Big Little Duvet Company don't sell beds but we understand how important it is to know the exact measurements of your bed before you can decide on your duvets. We've decided to give you all the information you need for bed sizes in the UK.

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Tips for getting a good night's sleep

Poor Sleep quality Where do I start ? I've read endless reports from scientists, dieticians, sleep therapists, physicians, in fact every kind of expert on improving sleep, however I had not found the solution to our problem. I know that there are many factors involved in getting a good night's sleep, not least of all having enough space to spread out comfortably in your bed. As a tall woman of 6ft and my partner being over 6ft we need a lot of space. It was time to take action. After doing our research, we decided to purchase an Emperor sized bed (6ft 6ins x 6ft 6ins / 200cms x 200cms) surely now we were going to enjoy a heavenly nights sleep. Unfortunately...

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My single duvet & your single duvet, together on the same bed

Sharing a duvet or not to share a duvet ? The time has come to adopt a new sleep strategy, the "Scandi" way of sleeping. Getting those essential eight hours every night is something that many of us just dream of. And yet all the research says that sleep and health are intrinsically linked to our mental and physical well being.  So lets be brave and honest about why sleeping with a bed partner and sharing the same duvet is under review. It's not that we don't love our partner, but we don't share our facecloths or underclothes so why share the same duvet ? We don't want to upset our loved one but a conversation needs to be had....

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Spring News Letter - Refreshing Savings & Sleeping Better

Stay cosy & cool with a new extra large single easy care duvet that's both synthetic and hypoallergenic to help reduce dust mite allergies. It's time to step down a tog or two & invest in a 10.5 or 4.5 tog duvet. New Spring duvet cover sets & money saving Special Collections that include a duvet, cover set & our boudoir pillow & pillowcase. It's the perfect size for that extra neck rest or something to cuddle during the night. And what's more you can win a Boudoir pillow when you write a review after your latest purchase.

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Sleep Better In Your Single Bed

 Big Little News Tips Adults in the UK are more frequently opting to sleep in single beds either through personal choice or due to a limited space in a bedroom. Research shows that an average adult requires a minimum width of 3ft for sleeping space hence the size of a standard single bed. So what should you consider to help enhance your sleep?Being happy in your surroundings is very important and often overlooked when thinking about sleep. Designers say that your wall colour can have a calming effect on your mood. Loving your bed and wanting to get into it every night is a must. So start by selecting a bed style to compliment your room setting. Divan beds are...

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