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Luxury Silk Sleep Masks - Handmade from Premium Momme Silk

Getting a better nights sleep

Not just for night wear, an eye mask is perfect for those times when you need to block out the light during the day, or on a flight or when the sunrise is earlier than when you want to rise. Help us to help you get a really good night's sleep. It's what we do. 

We didn't want to design a sleep mask with the same Momme weight as those currently on the market. Like all our products our product team had to go a quality step further. So we chose 32 Momme silk, the higher the Momme the more premium the silk. You won't find a sleep mask with a more pure or higher momme silk. 

Silk sleep eye masks are not like ordinary sleep eye masks. The skin around the eye is very delicate so making sure that the fabric closest to your eyes is not harsh is very important. Silk is super soft and has natural moisture retaining properties making it perfect for stopping the skin from drying out overnight. Other silk sleep mask benefits include :

  • Can be worn by those with even the most sensitive skin including conditions such as eczema.
  • Won't leave any marks on your skin.

Designed and Handmade

We work with a UK manufacturer where over 40% of their team is either disabled or a primary caregiver therefore buying these products means you are supporting an inclusive accessible business. Thank you.