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Sleep Gifts For Couples

Best sleep gifts for couples

Although it is often overlooked, couples spend more time sleeping together than doing any other activity. So why not surprise your loved one with a sleep gift whether it be romantic or simply practical.

Whether you’ve just started out in a new relationship or you are long time bed partners sleep plays a crucial role in staying healthy and waking up feeling happy together.

From investing in luxury bedding, snuggling up with a cosy throw to scented candles and diffusers, bed socks and sleep masks, you can choose a perfect sleep gift for your partner.

It is now a known fact that sleeping with a partner can make a significant difference to your sleep quality. There are many reasons why sleep maybe difficult alongside your loved one and some maybe easier to resolve than others but our sleep gift ideas are sure to smooth the way to a better night’s sleep.

Let’s take a look at a range of tips for buying sleep gifts to help you both sleep better. If your loving partner is a duvet hogger or you have different body temperatures then it’s time to change your sleeping arrangements. We don’t mean sleeping separately, we mean …….
invest in your own quality duvet with a tog weight that’s right for you, oh and also one for your partner as well.

scandinavian bedding I

Known as sleeping the “Scandinavian" way, you each have your own extra large single duvet and you choose the right tog weight for you. Just because you share the same bed doesn’t mean you have to share the same duvet.  Why struggle with over heating, being cold or having a tug of war every night which is leaving you exhausted through not getting enough sleep. Make the change today and sleep better tomorrow.

Improve Your Partner’s Sleep Quality With Sleep Accessories

If your loved one has trouble sleeping at night, a sleep diffuser or sleep candle can help them drift off. Our dreamy "Serenity" sleep candle and diffuser, are infused with a scent of jasmine and freesia to sooth your senses before bed - proven to help deliver relaxation and tackle insomnia. 

Sleep Candle I Serenity Candle I

 Sleep Masks - Anti ageing silk eye masks

Silk eye masks can also help your partner fall asleep by blocking out the light from moonshine, early dawn or even your reading light. The higher the momme of the silk, the more premium mulberry silk. Silk is super soft and has natural moisture retaining properties making it perfect for stopping the skin from drying out overnight around your delicate eye area. So not just helping your partner sleep but providing the ultimate escape for weary eyes. 

Luxury silk sleep mask I eye mask I

Shopping for bedding
Investing in quality bedding can contribute to a romantic bedroom environment and a good night’s sleep for you and your partner. The feel of your bedding is so important on how you feel between the sheets.

Duvet cover sets are available in a myriad of materials and thread counts. The quality of any fabric is always reflected in the price. For a smoother, more breathable fabric then we'd recommend selecting linen, 100% pure cotton, linen, Cotton/ Tencel mix. These fabrics help to keep you cooler on hotter nights.

For those on a lesser budget, 60/40 and 50/50 polycotton bedding are more cost effective and are considered easycare in terms of laundry care. 

Luxury long single bedding I 100% Cotton bedding I linen single bedding

 Shopping for weighted blankets or throws

Weighted blankets are touted for their stress-relieving benefits, and they may be ideal for snuggling up together with your partner in the evening on the sofa or as an extra layer at the bottom of your bed on cooler nights. 

If a throw isn't your thing then you can treat your partner to a mini hot water bottle to provide that extra bit of snuggle and relaxation. A small hot water bottle  with a super soft  padded cover provides hours of snugness and relief from aches and pains.The perfect size to cuddle, place on your lap, neck, shoulders or feet. Don't get jealous ! 

 Mini hot water bottle I Hot water bottles with padded covers


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