Sustainable & Ethical Guide – The Big Little Duvet Company

Sustainable & Ethical Guide

Building a sustainable future
In a changing world The Big Little Duvet Co. recognise our responsibilities as a business and we are determined to help build a sustainable future. We place a priority on operating The Big Little Duvet Co. to high standards of integrity and ethics.

Sourcing our products
The Big Little Duvet Co. believe in working with our suppliers and manufacturer from a position of honesty, teamwork and mutual trust.
We work closely with a wide range of trusted suppliers based in the UK with the aim that the materials used in the manufacture processes are traceable, and socially and ethically-sourced. We assess all of our suppliers to ensure goods are ethically produced. We have full visibility on where the raw materials for our products have originated.

Ethically made
We will only work with a supplier when they can demonstrate best practice on protecting the environment, conservation, human rights and renewable resourcing. As we actively review our supply chains, we have a zero-tolerance policy on child labour, modern slavery or animal testing.
We regularly review our supplier policies and practices and expect them to adhere to the highest standards.
Supplier certification must include a minimum:
• ISO 90001: 2000
• Oeko-Tex Standard100
• ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative)
• SEDEX Member

Minimising our carbon footprint
Wherever possible our products are manufactured in the UK. All our duvets are manufactured in the UK along with our Candles, diffusers, sleep masks and throws. Our duvet cover sets are manufactured in UK, Europe and India. 

Ensuring quality
We check the quality of our products before they reach our customers – ensuring only the best products are on offer. Our suppliers work only with skilled textile designers, approved factories and industry specialists to promote quality methods of production.

Plastics and Packaging
Our objective is to protect the environment and to consistently improve our packaging. We are focused on less packaging and better packaging. Our target is to achieve zero avoidable plastic waste in line with the 25 Year Environment Plan set out by the government.

In 2022 we have made more improvements to both our outer and inner product packaging.

Removal of plastic packaging from duvet cover sets
Duvets cover sets are no longer packaged in plastic sleeves instead they are wrapped in 100% recyclable paper. If they are purchased alongside a duvet then the duvet cover/s is/are inserted inside the duvet without any paper packaging.

Transit packaging i.e. mailing bags.
We no longer use the standard grey plastic mailing bags. The outer mailing bags for our large individual products/duvets are now white and made from sugar cane and are 100% bio-degradable. 

For our extra large orders we use Oxo-Bio Grey Mailing bags that are also 100% Bio- degradable. 

Reduce bag sizes and film thickness
We request that all our suppliers use a higher percentage of recycled or certified content and materials that are easier to recycle for our customers.