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Sleep Mask Benefits - All your questions answered

Not just for night wear, a sleep mask is perfect for those times when you need to block out the light during the day.

Sleep Mask Benefits

 But are sleep masks good for you?

Researchers have proven that the use of pure silk sleep masks often result in deeper quality sleep with fewer disruptions. Better yet, they have proven to boost melatonin levels, helping you to fall asleep faster and leaving you feeling completely refreshed when you wake up.

Use of earplugs and eye masks resulted in an increased amount of REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep and less time spent between falling asleep and reaching REM sleep. It also resulted in less arousal and elevated melatonin levels.

A safe, calm environment is important for a good night's rest, and blocking out light is an essential part of that. Sleep eye masks also help if your normal sleeping time is during the day or when you are on a long haul flight and need to be refreshed when you land. 

Sleep mask benefits

A sleep mask, can create a protective barrier over your eyes and protect them from your HVAC. (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) Sleep masks can also be helpful to people who have nocturnal lagopthalmos—the inability to close their eyes fully when they sleep.

What does sleeping with an eye mask do?

Eye masks or sleep masks work by blocking out artificial light. Light, especially at night, can disrupt our internal biological 'clock' that helps to regulate our sleep-wake patterns.

Can eye masks damage eyes?

Blurred vision – Sleeping with an eye mask that fits tightly may effectively block outside light, but it's not great for your eyes. The consistent pressure put on your eyes by a tight sleeping mask may cause blurred vision when you wake up. The fit is so important.

Do sleep masks help with puffy eyes?

Look for a mask that doesn't apply too much pressure on your eyeballs. If you're looking to reduce puffiness and swelling in the eye area then you'll want to look for a light weight sleep mask that includes heat-absorbing and cooling materials.

What is the best material for a sleep mask?
Sleep masks are made from a wide variety of fabrics.

Cotton is a common material in producing sleep masks, thanks to their softness, lightweight, and blocking ability. ...

Polyester sleep masks are durable, lightweight and inexpensive.

Silk is the best fabric for sleeping masks – here’s why….

Are silk eye masks effective?

Many people turn to black out curtains, but they can be expensive. If you're looking for a more affordable option, silk eye masks are very effective in blocking out ambient light.

Do silk sleep masks cause wrinkles?

Sleep masks that are too tight may cause crease marks on the face, but they do not cause wrinkles. In fact, buying a mask made from silk may prevent skin dragging and irritation caused by synthetic fabrics pulling on the skin.

If you woke up finding another strong crease around your eyes, it may also be due to the fabric of your sleep mask. Synthetic fibres create friction on your skin, dragging the delicate cells on your face, which then results to the creation of wrinkles and creases.

Tossing and turning at night while trying to sleep can cause tugging and pulling around the eyes, so a silk eye mask is perfect because the soft material helps protect the skin which prevents creases and surface wrinkling around the eyes and above the brow and may help prevent dry eyes.

Now that you have all the facts…
Don’t let mother nature’s sunrise disrupt your sleep this season. No need to rise earlier than you want. Take a nap during the day or when you are on a flight.
The key design features for the best sleep mask are…

Silk fabric

We didn't want to design a sleep mask with the same Momme weight as those currently on the market. Why? Because The Big Little Duvet design team insist on taking quality a step further. Our 100% silk sleep mask is made with 32 Momme silk. The higher the Momme, the more premium the silk.
You won't find a sleep mask with a more pure or higher momme silk on the UK market.

100% Silk sleep mask I Luxury sleep mask

Silk sleep eye masks are not like ordinary sleep eye masks. The skin around the eye is very delicate so making sure that the fabric closest to your eyes is not harsh is very important. Silk is super soft and has natural moisture retaining properties making it perfect for stopping the skin from drying out overnight.
Can be worn by those with even the most sensitive skin including conditions such as eczema. Won't leave any marks on your skin.

Design and fit

The last thing you need is to be overwhelmed by the size and weight of your sleep mask. Our team tested a range of sleep masks available on the market to see where we could make improvements. Some were just too big and bulky and gave the feeling of wearing being swamped. Others just simply did not block out the light or the fabric felt scratchy, a definite no!
We created a shape that gently caresses the face with an adjustable strap so that you can decide on the exact fit and is a total light blocker.

We also believe in working with UK manufacturers wherever possible and supporting inclusive accessible businesses. Our “Sleeping Beauties” range of silk sleep eye masks are made in the UK.
Our sleep masks are made in Britain by a company where over 40% of their team is either disabled or are primary caregivers.

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