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How To Sleep Better In Your Single Bed

Adults in the UK are more frequently opting to sleep in single beds either through personal choice or due to a limited space in a bedroom. Research shows that an average adult requires a minimum width of 3ft for sleeping space hence the size of a standard single bed.

So what should you consider to help enhance your sleep?

Being happy in your surroundings is very important and often overlooked when thinking about sleep. Designers say that your wall colour can have a calming effect on your mood. Loving your bed and wanting to get into it every night is a must. So start by selecting a bed style to compliment your room setting.
Divan beds are the perfect statement piece for any bedroom setting due to their versatility, customisation options including fabric choices and storage. Alternatively you may decide on a wooden framed bed in a range of colours and designs.

Linthorpe Beds

The Magic of a Mattress

You need to find the mattress type that's right for you. Memory foam, pocket sprung, orthopaedic, hypoallergenic or hybrid. There is so much to consider so you need to do your research or make life easy and speak to a bed specialist like Linthorpe Beds.

Duvet delight or dread?

The right weight of duvet is crucial to a great night's sleep. Being too hot or too cold disrupts your sleep rhythm.

Choosing a duvet tog

How to select the right tog weight for you.
A duvet's tog rating relates to its warmth, so the higher the tog rating the warmer the duvet. A 4.5 tog duvet is perfect for spring and summer or those who suffer from over heating. 10.5 tog duvet on the other hand, is ideal for autumn/winter season. For those that really feel the cold and need that extra warmth it's best to snuggle into a 13.5 tog duvet.

Fed up with your duvet being too small?     

A standard single duvet is just not big enough for growing teenagers or adults sleeping in single beds. You need an extra large single duvet with extra length and width. No more feet sticking out the end or feeling a cold draft on your back every time you turn over.

 A large single duvet is not just longer, it has to be wider as well.
Just look at the difference shown below.

Standard size single duvet is 135 x 200cm

The Big Little Duvet is extra long and extra wide at 165 x 220cm

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