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Scandinavian Sleep Method


What is the Scandinavian Sleep Method?

The Scandinavian sleep method involves couples sleeping in the same bed but using two separate duvets. More and more Brits are adopting this way of sleeping. We think that you might just do the same and ditch your shared duvet for good after reading this article.

For many couples who share a bed it not always leads to a peaceful night’s sleep due to different sleep styles and preferences. If you’ve woken up in the middle of the night shivering because your partner was hogging the covers or your current duvet is too heavy/ not the right weight for you but perfect for your partner then you need to have a rethink on your bedding choice.  

If you want to stop what we call the “Tog & Tug-of-war every night with the bed covers or duvet, the Scandinavian Sleep Method is the solution for you.


The concept has been around for a long time in Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, and Denmark) where the sleep style originated, as well as other places around the world.


Why is the Scandinavian sleep method so popular?

More and more people are trying the Scandinavian sleep method for a number of reasons, particularly post COVID. Having your own duvet gives you more personal space, helps temperature regulation and improves sleep quality.

Not having your own ideal sleep set-up can lead to sleep disruptions that impact the quality of your sleep which can, in turn, affect almost every aspect of our lives, including our work out performance and recovery. It is well known that sleep is crucial for coping with stress and regulating our emotions. If you are sleep deprived you are more likely to snap at our partner the next day. Don’t let this impact on the quality of the relationship when there is a simple solution.

Benefits of the Scandinavian Sleep Method

You can choose your preferred duvet tog weight for your body temperature

The Scandinavian sleep method is perfect for couples in which one person runs hot while the other runs cold, or for couples who simply can’t agree on the ideal tog weight.

The relationship between sleep and body temperature is crucial for quality rest. Our body's temperature naturally fluctuates throughout the day, and cooler environments often help you fall and stay asleep. However, personal tendencies or preferences with temperature during sleep vary widely from person to person.

Some of us run hot, some run cold. While cooler temperatures are often recommended for sleep, we know it's not good if you are lying there shivering in bed, it's not going to facilitate sleep.

Women tend to have a lower resting metabolic rate (the amount of energy your body burns at rest) than men, which causes them to produce less heat. As a result, women may be more sensitive to a colder sleep environment than men.

However for women approaching menopause they very often experience dramatic temperature fluctuations at night with hot flushes. During this particular period in the couple's life these differences in temperature preferences may become noticeable and sleep problems become really prevalent.

By having individual control over your own duvet, each partner can better regulate your body temperature and optimise your sleep quality.

Less sleep disruptions

Even small disturbances, like a partner hogging a duvet can significantly impact sleep quality over time by fragmenting sleep cycles and causing less overall sleep. Research shows that sleep fragmentation is a major risk factor for a host of negative mental and physical consequences, including increased risk of depression, anxiety, heart disease, and even cognitive decline. 

But by using individual duvets in a shared bed, couples can help reduce these disruptions. With separate duvets each partner experiences fewer disturbances from the other’s movements throughout the night. By reducing sleep disturbances, couples using their own duvets experience improved rest and wake up feeling more refreshed.

No need to take a “Bed Break”

You might have heard that more couples are opting for a “bed break,” or sleeping in separate rooms, due to snoring or body temperature differences as the main reason to stop sharing a bed. The Scandinavian sleep method is a great way to create your own sleep preferences but still benefit from sharing a bed with your partner.

Sleeping in the same bed as your partner can foster feelings of closeness and potentially enhance REM sleep due to comfort and security. Research has shown that people who slept in bed with a romantic partner experienced better sleep quality, as well as greater relationship satisfaction and mental health overall.

Sleeping with a partner can help down regulate stress prior to bed, helping us to unwind. Snuggling up or simply touching can also release oxytocin (known as “the love hormone”), which can decrease stress and lead to a higher sense of well-being.

Overall, the Scandinavian sleep method could be a way for each partner to achieve uninterrupted sleep without missing out on the potential benefits of sharing a bed.

Is there a downside to Scandinavian Sleeping Method?

There aren’t many downsides to trying the Scandinavian sleep method, but there are a few limitations to its effectiveness depending on the type of sleep disturbance you’re dealing with. 

If you tend to wake up from your partner's constant tossing and turning every night then you’ll likely still feel their movements even with separate duvets. And it can’t help with their snoring!

How to Do the Scandinavian Sleep Method

Ready to try it out? All you need to do is swap out your one shared duvet for two separate duvets that fit your individual sleeping preferences. Here are a few more tips to help you make the transition from one duvet to two.   

Better for both partners

If you go to a Scandinavian country and you are in a hotel room with a king size bed or a super king bed you will notice that you have two duvets.  

The Scandinavian sleep method can boost sleep quality for both partners even though it may be only one that is suffering from sleepless nights. Make sure that you have an open conversation about your sleep issues and explain that you’d like to try two duvets because you are “too hot at night” or simply “I’m not sleeping very well”. There is no need to apportion any blame on your partner.  

Choose the Right Duvets

Consider what kind of duvet you to suit your sleep preferences. It is best to consider your body temperature and select a tog weight depending on your body temperature. You’ll need two extra large single duvets. There is an option of polycotton cover or super soft microfibre depending on how you like your duvet to fold over your body.  

Making your bed the Scandi Sleep Method way with two large single duvets

 This method is suitable for a king sized bed, super king sized bed and even an emperor sized bed. Your duvets should be folded in on the inside / middle of the bed and the outside duvet edge will hang perfectly on the side of the bed.

It's that simple

Two separate extra large single duvets looking aesthetically pleasing side by side on a king size bed

It's time to reflect on the facts

Are you ready to make the change? A lack of sleep can affect just about every aspect of our life.

If you, and or your partner are struggling to sleep and still want to share a bed, the Scandinavian Sleep Method of using individual duvets (rather than one large, shared duvet ) is the way forward.

Improve your sleep quality without forfeiting the intimacy of having your partner by your side.

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