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Best Duvets For Menopause

If you are female and approaching midlife then there's a strong chance that you may begin to struggle with hot flushes and night sweats. Over 60% of women report their sleep worsens during menopause. Where you had previously enjoyed a great night's sleep alongside your partner, things can start to "Hot Up" in the bed and I don't mean in a sexual way. 
As your oestrogen levels start to fluctuate and lower it is thought that these impact on another hormone called noradrenaline which helps to regulate body temperature.
Welcome to sleepless nights.


Suddenly you are in a battle about the bedroom temperature. Remember that your bed partner hasn't changed, it's you that has a furnace-like body temperature. And so begins "Menopausal Mayhem" in the bedroom unless you address this quickly.

So what can you do for menopause night sweats?
Hot flushes and the associated night sweats can wreak havoc on your sleep quality, leaving you exhausted during the day. Investing in specialist cooling bedding products can help make things easier in alleviating your symptoms. Choosing lower tog duvets and natural fibre bed linen with breathable temperature-regulating properties and fast-drying nightwear all help. Also a great way to keep cooler is to have your hair up and away from your face. 


2.5 tog extra light single duvet

What type of duvet is best for menopause?
There are lots of duvet design options but....
Forget the idea of sharing a split duvet joined with uncomfortable zips or poppers where each half has a different to weight to help alleviate your hots flushes and night sweats. Embarking on buying a dual temperature duvet is a waste of money as sharing a duvet still means that any heat from your partner still radiates across to you. That's the last thing you need, right !

Switching to the "Scandinavian sleep method"  is ideal for couples where one partner or both partners are going through menopause at the same time. You love sharing your bed with your partner but that doesn't mean you have to share your duvet as well. If you are worried about losing that romantic feeling, don't. There is nothing that kills romance like sleep depravation, feeling exhausted in the morning and then just dreaming all day of getting into bed that night to sleep. Where's the romance in that. Waking up refreshed and in a great mood is much more likely to keep couples together in and out of the bed. 

A quarter of British couples regularly argue about their duvet. It's time to STOP.

Take a look at your new bed set up.

Two extra large single duvets side by side on your bed in different tog weights, keeping both you and your partner at the perfect body temperature. 

 What weight of duvet should I buy for hot flushes?

Basically the lightest tog weights are going to be the most effective to lower your body temperature. 2.5 tog or a 4.5 tog are most often chosen. A 100% hollow fibre is also hypoallergenic and machine washable so you can be sure to keep your duvet always fresh. 
Your partner can stay cosy with whatever tog weight they need whilst you stay cool. A 10.5 tog duvet is an all year round typical weight. 

What bedding to use for night sweats?
Once you have chosen your duvet you must now consider what is the best bedding material to combat menopausal night sweats. The best menopause bedding is made from natural fibres because they are more breathable and therefore have a cooling effect. 

Duvet cover sets in natural fibres like cotton, linen and percale made from long-staple Egyptian-cotton are famously lightweight sheets and make a great bed sheet/ duvet cover material for night sweats.r silk allow moisture to evaporate through the fabric helping to regulate your body temperature, so you stay cooler while you sleep and wake-up feeling refreshed. 


Linen Long Single Duvet Cover Set

Best to avoid polyester or any other synthetic fibres as these can work like a heat trap increasing your body temperature.
Finally don't just take my word for it....
This is what our customers say 
"One week of sleeping the Scandi way with our two extra large single duvets, it's been an absolute revelation! We absolutely love it. I can't tell you how much of a game changer it has been for us both"
Thank you
Helen & Wilson 



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