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Duvet Buying Guide for Euro Sized Beds, IKEA Beds and Super Single Beds

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Getting a good night's sleep is something we all need. Having the right size and tog weight of duvet plays an important part in your overall comfort and warmth in bed. We want to help you get it right and so our buying guide starts off with looking at bed sizes. 

One of the most common questions we get asked is about Euro sized beds. If you have bought a bed from Ikea then it is most likely to be a Euro sized bed and therefore has a Euro sized mattress. This means that your existing bedding does not necessarily fit your new bed. 

In the table below we have compared standard UK bed sizes with Euro/ Ikea bed sizes. As you can see the size issue is not the width of the mattress but the length being 10 cms longer on the single bed and double bed sizes. Standard UK duvets and duvet cover sets are too short to fit at only 200cms in length. 

What is the difference in Ikea/Euro Sized Mattresses versus UK ?

Bed Sizes UK Mattress Size cms  Euro/IKEA Mattress size cms
Single  90 x 190  90 x  200
Double 135 x 190 135 x 200
King Size 150 x 200 150 x 200
Super King 180 x 200 180 x 200


The Big Little Duvet  - A solution for all your bed sizes - see why below

1. Euro/IKEA size single mattress

An extra long single bed /mattress requires an extra long single duvet. Some people have tried using a double sized duvet but is not aesthetically pleasing with duvet sides trailing down the bed, it looks a complete mess. 

2. Extra large single or super single bed 

If you purchase an extra large single bed or an adjustable super single bed  from a specialist like HWB Mobility then it is very likely that you are struggling to find any bedding to fit. 

Sometimes referred to as extra wide single adjustable bed or extra single adjustable bed, essentially, it’s a 3ft 6″ or 107cms wide bed and because it’s an electric bed it is 6ft 6″ or 198cms in length. (Standard  single divan beds are almost always 6ft 3” or 190cms in length) 6 inches or 15cms wider than a standard single bed.

The Big Little Duvet Company has created a specialist sized duvet, made in the UK and measuring 165cms x 220cms thereby resolving the Euro & Ikea single bed and extra large single bedding size problems. This photo shows the difference in size between the standard single duvet in the white duvet cover versus the Extra large single duvet. 

IKEA Sized Duvets & Duvet Covers

But the Big Little Duvet has even more to offer because of it's unique size so read on...

3. Double/ King Size & Super King Size mattresses 

Bedtime is meant to be relaxing and yet for many couples it isn't. If you and your partner have a constant struggle with the duvet, we call it the " Tog of war" every night then it's time to rethink sharing your duvet. Change to the Scandinavian way of sleeping and have your own duvet. No more tugging, no more temperature issues as you can select the tog weight that is right for you, just two extra large, extra long single duvets lying side by side in perfect harmony. 

Scandinavian Way Of Sleeping with Two Duvets

Can I only buy Ikea Bedding for my Ikea bed ?

It used to be the case that you had no option other than to buy Ikea bedding as the IKEA duvet sizes & hence the duvet covers sizes were unique. The great news is that things have changed. The Big Little Duvet Company offers you both duvets and duvet cover sets to fit your Euro sized bed. 

Tog ratings

All you have to do now is decide on the tog weight that best suits your body temperature. We have four different duvet tog weights in the range to cater for all warmth preferences. 2.5 tog duvet perfect for hot summer nights, those who feel the cold all year round or for a winter top up to insert alongside your existing duvet. 4.5 tog for spring and early autumn, 10.5 tog is chosen most often as the all year round duvet and 13.5 tog duvet for those who really feel the cold. 

Duvet Tog RatingsDuvet Fillings -  Natural versus synthetic

It is really down to personal preference whether you go for a natural or synthetic fibre duvet. The reason why The Big Little Duvet is made from hollowfibre a synthetic filling is because each hollow fibre allows them to capture more warmth keeping the duvet lighter even at higher tog ratings. Synthetic duvets are non allergenic so suitable for use by anyone with allergies. Also synthetic duvets can be regularly machine washed (always follow the washing instructions) ensuring that you can keep your duvet fresh and germ free. 

If you'd like to ask our customer service team any questions we'd be happy to receive your email hello@biglittleduvet.com




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