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Duvet Protector Anti Allergy - Extra Large Single Duvet Size

Anti Allergy Duvet Protector for Extra Large Single Duvet

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Our anti allergy durable duvet protector is a perfect choice for those with sensitivities. This hypoallergenic protector helps you stay protected from any outside allergens by acting as an effective shield against dust, micro-particles and dust mites. Ideal for asthma sufferers.
This protector is water resistant and provides an economical way of protecting your Big Little Duvet from spills and accidents. Fits neatly over your duvet in the same manner as normal bedding and should be used under your conventional duvet cover.
Perfect for home use, in hotels, hostels, hospitals and care homes.

Anti Allergy  Duvet Protector/ Water Resistant Duvet Protector
Manufacturer Big Little Duvet Co.
Country of Origin UK
Size to fit duvet L220cm x W165cm

Hypo-allergenic 100% dust mite proof, envelope end.

Fabric  Lightweight Polypropylene
Water Resistant ( Not waterproof) Yes
Machine Washable Yes @ 40 degrees. Allow to air dry

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