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Student Bedding Packs - Extra Large Single Duvet/ Fitted Sheet/ Pillow & Easycare Duvet Cover Set

Life as a first-time student at university with a Bedding Pack that gives you a great night's sleep


Student bedding pack  I Student bedding Kit

It's what you have been waiting for, the most exciting time of your life to date. Starting Uni means finally moving out of your family home and into student accommodation. You wave "Goodbye" to your families for the first time even though you'll go back to see them a lot. Although the prospect of fending for yourself, or even feeding yourself might seem a little daunting, it’s time to start your adventure as a university student. Moving away from home, living in halls and sometimes eating noodles for dinner, are all part of the experience. Your family home will always be there but your student accommodation will be your new ‘home’.

Halls of residence

Most likely you will be staying in halls of residence for your first year and even more likely sleeping in a single bed. If you've slept in a single bed at home then it won't be a new experience but if not it may come as a bit of a shock.

Not only are single beds very cramped for adults but you will soon realise that a single duvet on a single bed is not exactly shall we say conducive to a "good night's sleep". No doubt bedding is not something that has had a lot of your attention in the past as most parents are instrumental in selecting and buying your bedding. Now that you are no longer living at home it's time to choose the right student bedding kit for yourself and kick off the old small single duvet.

  Don't put up with a standard single sized duvet

Enjoy your Duvet Days even more with The Big Little Duvet 

Say no to this size below 

Extra Long Single Duvet & Extra wide single duvet

Student Bedding Kits

There are many different student bedding packs on the market but the key difference a standard student bedding pack & The Big Little Duvet student bedding bundle is the bigger size of your new single duvet. OMG, it's a case of " Size matters". This extra large single duvet is both extra long ( as long as a king size) and extra wide meaning no more cold drafts around your back when you roll over or your feet & toes sticking out the bottom of the bed. You'll be wanting even more duvet days than before !

Look at the difference in size of a standard single duvet versus the Big Little Duvet. The pack comes with a 10.5 tog duvet, pillow, white single fitted sheet and a duvet cover set in a choice of colours and designs made from easycare 50/50 polycotton so no ironing required, on the basis you have better things to do! 

 Now that looks better - all the cover you need


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Moving on 

Before you know it, you’ll have lived on your own for almost a year. You may have felt home sick to start, but have made lots of new friends. And now it’s time for moving out from the halls of residence and into a place of your own choice and with chosen flat mates which is even better. 

Good luck 

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