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How the Right Dog Bed & Bedding Can Help Your Dog Sleep Better

Quality bedding can help your dog sleep better and contribute to their overall well-being. There are many factors to consider when choosing a canine bed and dog bedding, such as size, material, and comfort. 

Dog beds and dog mattresses come in all shapes, sizes and types from large cave beds, chair beds, sofa beds, doughnut beds, snuggle beds, crate beds, beds for cars, anxiety beds and orthopaedic beds.

The different styles of dog beds for sale are endless but there's one that can answer all your dog bedding needs.

The two most common questions that dog owners ask us about dog bedding are:

“Can dogs have duvets?” “Can you use a duvet as a dog bed?”

The simple answer is "Yes". You can either replace your dog's existing bed or basket with a dog duvet or if your dog sleeps on a chair, a sofa, in a basket or in dog cage you can give them extra comfort and support with a big little doggy duvet. 

Dog duvets are great for all breeds, large or small, but especially for those pooches who like to stretch out on their beds. A large dog bed or extra large dog bed can be used for a single dog or some of our pooches like to share. 

Dog duvets provide ample room for your dog to sleep on and they are also extremely versatile. Depending on your home and lifestyle a dog bed duvet is so adaptable. Let’s face it our pooches are all different, in size, in nature, in their needs and they certainly have their own preferences for where they like to sleep.
Wherever your dog likes to sleep or just take rest there is a dog duvet set perfect for your dog.

The best dog duvets need to be made of the right material, the right size to make your dog comfortable and to fit wherever your dog will be lying on it.
Why would you want your dog to sleep on anything that is a lesser quality than your own bedding. As a team of dog lovers at The Big Little Duvet Company we decided to be the best we could be in terms of the design, quality and comfort for our Doggy Duvet. As with all our duvets, they are made in the UK. Each duvet is filled with a 13.5 tog hollowfibre filling and a polycotton outer cover that’s both washable and hypoallergenic. Two sizes are available for small to medium sized dogs (90cm x 60cm) and medium to large sized dogs (120cm x 90cm)

Washable bedding for dogs
It’s ok being able to remove a dog cover from a dog bed but unfortunately that doesn’t keep either the bed or your room smelling fresh. The Big Little Doggy Duvet with a removable dog duvet cover can be placed in the washer on a low temperature to be environmentally friendly. It has an outstanding resistance to machine washing, with 99.9% reduction of bacteria wash after wash.

Best beds for burrowing dogs
Some dogs like to burrow under blankets, it’s a natural instinct present in most dogs but more in certain breeds. It comes from the fact that their ancestors were born and raised in dens. This behaviour is very common in breeds such as dachshunds and terriers as they were used to hunt small prey such as rabbits down warrens. The perfect dog bed for a dachshund is a duvet, they just love the security of being able to snuggle under and be surrounded by softness.
Some larger dogs such as Huskies also like to burrow as their ancestors burrowed in the snow for warmth and to hide from predators. Whether you have a small or large breed of burrowing dog they can enjoy nose diving under their dog duvet which comes in two sizes.

What type of bed should I put in a dog crate?
Beds for dog cages and dog crates.
Dogs,especially puppies, should feel that their crate is a safe place to be. Theoretically you can place any blanket into your dog’s crate, but it’s best to give them some extra padding. A dog duvet acts as a dog mattress and fits perfectly inside the cage or crate turning it into a snug, cosy den ensuring that your dog feels secure and totally relaxed.

What type of bedding do dog owners want?
Choosing your dog duvet cover
When our researchers asked a panel of dog owners about the issues they had with their current dogs beds the overwhelming issue was hygiene. When we talked about a dog duvet with a whole range of washable covers for their dog beds they were astounded that no one had thought about this before.

What type of bedding fabric is best with dogs?
Always choose a cotton bedding that it tightly woven because pet hair and nails are less likely to get embedded in a smoother good quality polycotton.
Having said that some owners want that added luxury for their pooches to sleep on so why not indulge your loyal loving furry friends. A snuggle bed for dogs is available, the duvet has a cover made of faux fur with a faux suede backing, this is the pinnacle of opulent luxury and with the additional benefit of being machine washable.

And finally…
What size bed should I buy for my dog?
Size does matter and it depends on how and where your dog likes to sleep. If you are placing the dog duvet on the floor, on a sofa or on your bed then it needs to be big enough to allow your dog to stretch out. If you are placing the dog duvet into a cage, crate or basket then your dog duvet needs to be a little bigger than the base so as to have some extra cover against the sides for added comfort.

Dog bedding for sale I cover for bed for dog

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