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Extra Long Single Duvet suitable for IKEA & Euro sized single beds

Extra large single duvet - Superior length & width for a truly superb sleep.

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Two Extra Large Single Duvets Together On Your Bed

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Fed up with your duvet sliding off the bed? Is your back exposed every time you turn over? Feet sticking out the end?

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"A standard sized single duvet simply wasn't big enough for me! Thankfully your "big little duvet" has solved the problem!"

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Student Bedding Packs I 10.5 Tog Extra large single duvet, duvet cover set & pillow

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"Thank you BLD team, I read Big Little News article and we are now "Scandi" sleeping converts. Never slept better in our lives!".

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We've got you covered with our long single bedding.

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Extra Long Single Duvet Cover I Extra long twin bedding in a range of pure cotton duvet covers and polycotton duvet covers.


My sons are 15 & 16 and constantly complain about cold feet in bed (they take after my husbands side of the family!).

I was about to start cutting and sewing other duvets together when I thought someone out there must have had the same problem. I thought to myself, I'll see if oversized duvets are in fact a "thing".

Lo and behold, I find the Big Little Duvet Co! I thought I'd try one of your extra large single duvets. My youngest got into bed that night and it was like Christmas all over again!

Eleanor, Mother of two tall teenagers

We have solved the problem of standard sized quilts and single duvets being too small for adults sleeping in single beds. Our extra large single duvet is extra long 220cms and extra wide 165cms

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